Burwood Partners Real Estate Agents


Auswide Group Pty Ltd trading as Burwood Partners Real Estate Agents is a professional and international real estate agent. The head office based in Sydney Australia and we have branches in China and South Korea.

Our companies specialized in real estate development, advisory planning, professional assessment on land and property valuation, intermediary services, property management, maintenance and rental services. We are here providing consistent high level of one-stop services.

We are experienced with Australia’s property market, with dedicated professional providing a perfect and efficient service for clients with different needs. We thoroughly make assessments of the current real estate purchase with reference to the index of real estate development and analysis of future trends. The assessment which is calculated rate of return on investment projects through the "one-on-one" mode of communication. All key information and factors are taken account into; we ensure the customers take full advantage of their future investment. We assist the customers by calculate the different options that are available to them by comparing the rate of return on investment. We sincerely listening to customer’s needs and patiently explain any details of that is required so the customer will choose the best option in their situation.